Memorable Moments

Memorable Moments2020-12-05T14:53:46-05:00
14Feb, 2021

Valentine’s Day at Country Village

On Valentine’s Day at Country Village, we ordered long-stemmed roses individually wrapped for each resident. We invited families to send emails and cards to the home and we attached each a personalized note to the rose from family. Each flower was delivered door to door by our Program Staff. The gift to us was to see their big smiles!

1Jan, 2021

A very exciting day for us at Country Village!

We received a shipment from Public Health of 62 doses of the Covid-19 Moderna vaccine for our residents at 12:30 pm Friday January 1, 2021. With the help of several of our Registered Nurses, along with the Executive Director, Director of Care and the Medical Director, we were able to immunize 62 of our residents this afternoon, finishing by 2:30 pm. Once we receive the final consent forms, the remaining 17 residents will be inoculated.

The residents had a great day. They enjoyed hot chocolate afterwards. They were very happy to be the first in the area of Windsor inoculated and wish everyone a SAFE and HEALTHY 2021!

31Oct, 2020


Halloween this year at Country Village was a little different. Residents paraded through the building and stopped at offices to get wrapped treats. Everyone stayed socially distanced of course. Prizes were given for best costumes. Lots of laughs!